Accounting is probably one of the most time-consuming daily chores that entrepreneurs have to take care of. Is your desk cluttered with hundreds of receipts and invoices? Is payroll taking too much of your valuable time? Are the systems you use unable to communicate with each other? Our services – modernised accounting, payroll services, consulting and Nooga Systems – have all been designed to relieve the daily burden entrepreneurs and companies have to deal with. Once you have digitized your accounting you will be able to manage it on your phone. It is easy, effortless and best of all, it will free up time for the entrepreneur – you – to focus on other things!


Interested in a modern accounting system that saves you time and helps you avoid unnecessary stress? Our digital accounting services will simplify your company’s daily routines as you will be able to use your phone to send receipts and create expense reports, directly to your accountant. In addition to accounting, you can also outsource your payroll to us. Our accountant will keep track of vacation days and make sure that the collective labor agreement is followed and that salaries are paid in time.



As an entrepreneur, you are faced with challenges almost daily. You may be struggling to find your way out of an economic downturn, or in need of additional funding because your business is in the midst of rapid growth; perhaps you are considering selling your company or creating a new business strategy that will entail vast changes to the company structure. Our consultants have a long and broad experience of helping companies and will be glad to support you along the way.



Have you considered digitizing and automating your company’s accounting system? What is important to keep in mind is that after the digitization, your accounting system should also be able to communicate with the other systems that are in daily use in your company. Once your systems are integrated with each other, you can enjoy real-time reporting and will be able to keep track of your business wherever you are, at any time.


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We, the founders of Nooga, have previously worked as entrepreneurs, consults and executives in various companies and organizations. What we all have in common is a genuine passion for business development: we want to help companies improve their efficiency and take their business to new levels.

We can help you take care of your business finances more easily and make sure that the software and systems you use are able to communicate with each other. If your company is going through organizational or structural changes, we are happy to offer consult services or help you implement the changes.